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Image by David Clode
Our staff and supporters

Dr Rolf Schlagloth 

I am a koala ecologist who strongly believes in the power of the species as a flagship for conservation. My involvement in koala research includes ethics, history, diseases, anthropogenic threats and management.  I also have extensive experience in handling and monitoring koalas and am an advocate for community education on the species and the urgent need to protect the habitat.


Dr Flavia Santamaria
Head of Research

I am a passionate koala biologist who is dedicated to investigating the effects of threats to koalas' long-term survival, in particular, the impact of diseases and stress on individual animals. I and my wonderful team have been instrumental in developing a method to identify stress hormone in the feces of koalas and the baseline levels of these hormones which are fundamental to non-invasively assess stress in wild koalas. I want to know how humans' actions are affecting the health of koalas and their environment.

But most importantly, I know that without acquiring and protecting the habitat of this flagship species, we are declaring their disappearance. I know that we are responsible for their future survival and am dedicated to change the course of action for the future of this species and others.


Dr. Gabrielle McGinnis
CEO & Founder, BrodiMapi LLC
IT & Marketing Officer

As an avid community-based conservationist and digital media designer and developer, Gabrielle loves helping communities, clients and other stakeholders engage in conservation by offering services in digital media marketing and mapping at BrodiMapi LLC for long-term community empowerment and heritage conservation.

🔗 to find out more about Gabrielle and BrodiMapi LLC click here 

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