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Image by David Clode

About Us


To rescue and protect koalas and safeguard their habitat from development and degradation. We aim to ensure the long term preservation of the species by protecting the natural environment for future generations.


  • To build and manage a hospital and rescue centre for koalas and other wildlife 

  • To identify and purchase land containing koala habitat, destined for development, and protect it indefinitely.

  • To utilise the land purchased for novel ecological research. 

  • To educate a variety of stakeholders on the importance of protecting koala habitat.

  • To reduce the impact of climate change by protecting forests.


Caring for our people – we ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of everyone working with us.

Accountability – every dollar donated will be used efficiently to maximise our goals. Our operations are managed transparently, and we adhere to all government and charity regulations.

Communication – we believe in open, honest and respectful communication.

Collaboration – we believe in collaboration with any individual or organisation that share our goals.

Acknowledgement – we recognise and acknowledge that the Indigenous peoples are the Traditional Owners of Australia, and that together we have to respect and guard Mother Nature.

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